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Telling the Story of CBK

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Our first cohort of Confessional Communities met virtually to celebrate and reflect upon their experiences this year.

This year, our inaugural cohort of Confessional Communities met virtually beginning in January. Women and men from diverse walks of life and from different parts of the country formed 4 small groups of 6-8 individuals and began the transformative process of practicing telling their stories more truly, listening to the stories of their peers, and discovering more of what "Being Known" is really about.

Stories in a Story

In July, we met to wrap up this initial cohort. Participants in the confessional communities were invited to share their experiences. We heard many stories—Stories of grace, honesty, and authentic relationship. These stories weren't without hardship and doubt. Many questions were expressed as well. But even amid struggle (not to mention the challenge of getting to know a group of people over Zoom!), a larger story emerged: That this group of people has learned that "Being Known" really means to be known to themselves, to others, and to God.

For many, sharing their story gave them confidence in their identity as a child of God. One member described it as freedom and "another defense against the enemy's accusations" in their life. Another participant said that each person in her group came together with a similar purpose: "Longing for authentic community to come together, for everyone to share their stories and be heard."

A Cloud of Witnesses

One group member shared how her experience in the Confessional Community spoke to how she (and most of us) want to know and believe "I am not alone." Others expressed the gift of feeling like they were able to take their group members with them as a "cloud of witnesses" in their daily life outside of the group. Even though they were not physically with the group, the affirmation and support given to their story transcended the virtual barrier.

The board of CBK and our group members ended our time by giving thanks to God for all that transpired in our first Confessional Communities. There was an air of gratitude for all tha