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The Center for Being Known is the work of a small team serving as the board.  Our hope is that you will join us in this effort as we grow.  The CBK Association will be organized and run by volunteers - we would love to have you participate.  Volunteer sign up and roles will be announced at the Connections Conference.

From the Board

Quote from Neal Smith, board chair

Neal Smith, Chair

Since Curt starting talking about this interpersonal biology stuff 15 years ago, I have been drawn not only to the power of the ideas but to the fact that it is clearly his vocation.  As his friend and someone who loves a big idea, I want to do all I can to activate this movement of people to fulfilling lives

Quote from Janey Nodeen, board member

Janey Nodeen

I was struck immediately by the power of what Curt teaches and how it is relevant in all aspects of life.  I invited him to come run a class for my company.  That was many years ago now, but my employees still apply what they learned and refer to it as a positive growth experience.

Quote from Dan Rogers, board member

Dan Rogers

I am a member of CBK’s board to be a part of a community that lives life abundantly and that repairs, restores, and transforms to create opportunities for others to do the same.

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