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Newsletter = Email updates about upcoming events

Sign-up for CBK Annual Membership 

Membership = Events, Connections, Communities and Resources. Read more below. 


CBK sponsors the annual CONNECTIONS conference. CBK members receive a 10% discount on conference tickets. Members also receive email updates, newsletters and announcements of upcoming events.


CBK members create connections and opportunities for the creation of beauty and goodness. Membership promotes this work of the CBK and the members of CBK are the CBK.


New CBK Online Community platform coming in 2024.

Confessional Communities

CBK members have the opportunity to join Confessional Communities in CBK annual cohorts.


There is no additional fee to join a Confessional Community. Only CBK members can participate. 


CBK members gain access to CBK resources for use with their confessional communities. CBK  Facilitators receive leadership support and resources from a team of experienced leaders who have gone before them.

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