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CBK Membership

Life is a team sport

In order for us to know ourselves and tell our stories truly, we need others in our lives.  CBK is dedicated through the CBK Association to providing opportunities for individuals to link up on the journey toward flourishing.  By being a CBK Association member, you gain access to early announcements of CBK Events and events that have the potential to help your community.  We also provide annual members with recommendations of groups that are forming and you could relate within community.  Finally, CBK Association annual subscription members gain access to resources that are particularly tailored to support Association communities as they learn, grow and challenge each other to understand their own stories, be better followers of Jesus, and ultimately be known. 


CBK sponsors and refers to events that can help your learning community on the journey.  All members receive email news and announcements


CBK Members annual subscribers receive recommendations of others with whom they may wish to partner to form a Community


Annual subscribers gain access to CBK Member unique resources for use with your community.  For example study guides, focused videos, and more...

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