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confessional communities

Thank you for your interest in Confessional Communities! Please read these descriptions of what it means to participate in one of these groups as well as to be a leader of a Confessional Community.

 Please fill out the following form so we can best support you in joining a group. 

Confessional Communities Interest Form

Have you participated in a Confessional Community?
Are you a member of the CBK Association?
Are you willing to become an Annual Member ($50/year) in order to participate in this cohort of Confessional Communities?
Are you interested in leading a Confessional Community?
Have you read the 3 core "Being Known" books?
We require CC leaders to have participated in a Confessional Community before becoming a leader. If you have not yet participated in a group, would you be willing to join a group tailored for potential leaders?

Form Submitted. Thanks for your interest! Stay tuned for updates soon.

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