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Confessional Communities

Thank you for your interest in Confessional Communities with the Center for Being Known. We encourage you to sign-up if you are interested in joining our next cohort of communities. Use the Sign-Up button above. 

We are excited about the recent increase in interest. (We currently have over 400 people interested in the next cohort of groups.


We are trying to meet the need for more Confessional Communities and do this well. Currently, new leaders are being recruited. At this time we are projecting that the groups will be assembled this fall and will aim to begin meeting in January 2024. Groups typically run for six months. Most of these groups will meet virtually through Zoom. There may be some in person groups if the logistics are feasible.

As Cohort 2 wrapped up this summer, participants shared beautiful feedback regarding their experiences. We heard over and over again about the transformative power of these communities. We look forward to hearing stories from the next cohort of groups.

Please read the details below to better understand what it means to participate in a Confessional Community. The CBK asks that all participants become annual CBK members. See the member page for more information. If you are interested in leading groups, please indicate this in the section provided on the sign-up form. 

We look forward to partnering with you on this journey. 

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