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Cohort 3 - June Wrap-up

COHORT 3 (Jan-Jun 2024) - It is difficult to believe that June has arrived. In addition to

warm (actually HOT) temperature and the ending of a school year, the end of June

means the formal wrap-up of another Cohort of CBK Confessional Communities. This

has been our largest cohort to date with more than 50 groups meeting across the United States and in five countries. Some groups will wrap-up and some will continue on. Some members will join or facilitate groups in the next cohort. We look forward to

sharing our stories at the Connections Conference and in future newsletters.

We have enjoyed this journey. We have been seen in new ways and we have

experienced God's presence in our time together.

We are learning from each other as we continue in this work of creating beauty and goodness together.

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