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Welcome to the Center for Being Known, an organization whose mission is to create connections and opportunities for the creation of beauty and goodness at the intersection of Interpersonal Neurobiology and Christian spiritual formation. The work of Being Known is not just a handful of good ideas; nor is it for any one of us to do alone. Rather, it is about joining our Creator in living an abundant life—but one that must be lived together.

Everywhere I travel and speak, people from multiple domains of life—church, family, business, politics, education, and the arts—are asking for assistance to apply the work of being known to their setting. And the very good news is: it can be. No matter where the rupture of shame has sought to disintegrate a person or a system, the repair and restoration that our work brings can be realized, transforming what was once broken into beautiful, creative endeavors. 


At CBK, we purpose to be an outpost of God’s beauty and goodness that enables those who join us to find connection, courage, and creativity on the way to becoming the same. I invite you to explore the resources found here and consider becoming a member of the CBK Association.  

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The Center for Being Known is a 501 C3 non-profit organization.

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