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October 28, 2022 

Connections 2022: Deepening Connection

What happens at a Connections Conference?

Do you want to go deeper in your relationships—with God, with others, and with yourself?


Together, let’s take time to focus on those connections and what God might be doing in them at the present moment.


The Connections conference is all about connecting. Connecting people, connecting the parts of our brain, connecting us to God, and extending the interconnection between what God is doing in recreating Goodness and Beauty in all the areas of our lives. At Connections 2022, you can join with the Center for Being Known (CBK) in the pursuit of exploring, alongside others, what it means to live the abundant life of the Creator.


Last year, we introduced CBK and our work in building confessional communities as a vehicle for these connections. Since then, we have seen God work in amazing ways—Friendships of trust have formed and people are learning how to tell their own stories more truly. CBK is thrilled to now have members from across the country and internationally. The message of Being Known crosses cultural and regional boundaries, and it is incredibly exciting! 


At our core, we all need to be free of shame and discover where God is calling us to serve his Kingdom once shame’s hold is gone. We want to experience healing in intimate, authentic relationships. We believe it’s possible as God faithfully works for redemption and renewal in the telling of our stories more truly with others. This year we continue that message and discuss the intention that it takes to build deeper connections. How can we respond to the healing work God is doing? How does this affect our connections with others and God’s healing work within them? Curt’s Keynote will build on this notion by exploring “Moving from Imagination to Incarnation.”  We use our imagination to feel what is possible in this work, but when we really do it - imagination becomes embodied and we are invited into the work of incarnation.  


It will be a powerful and transformative time — we hope you can join us.


Join us on Friday, October 28, 2022, in McLean, Virginia. We want to connect with you in-person or online and see what God is up to. Limited student scholarships available. Register here.


What Happens at a Connections Conference?


Hear from Dr. Curt Thompson about what it means to participate in Connections. Come and experience the transformation happening in your real life, right now.

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