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Join us for the Being Known Podcast - Live

October 26th, McLean Presbyterian Church, McLean, VA We are excited to hear what Curt and Pepper will share with us on the topic of Emergence. Join us for the live Podcast recording on October 26th and the Connections Conference on October 27th in McLean, VA.

A podcast about forming deep relationships, discovering meaning, and living with integrated creativity.

Additional information on each speaker can be found on our website @ Connections Speakers

Conference details can be found @ Connections Conference.

We look forward to seeing you for Connections 2023!

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1 Comment

Terry Mullins
Oct 04, 2023

Grateful to find and join CBK. I am a partially retired psychologist/therapist and a 2023-25 Omaha Cohort student of the Renovare Institute. I am delighted and grateful to God to have found you. I am hoping to come to the 3rd Annual Conference on short notice of just finding out about it should I be able to fit this into my Renovare Institute student schedule. Every Blessing - Terry

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