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Welcome CBK Member, 

Choose one time slot. This will be the meeting day of and start time that you are choosing for the duration of the confessional community (end of January through June).

Note: All meetings are 90 minutes once a week. (On this schedule they are listed as 30 minutes.) This is not the actual meeting link, start date or invite for your group. Those will come later.   


Once your group is confirmed, the facilitators will contact you with all of the necessary details.

Space is limited. It is best to go ahead and choose a slot if you see a time that works.  As groups fill, timeslots will be removed. New times will post if additional groups become available.

If you need to make a change, you can cancel and choose a new time. However, we can not guarantee that we have available times that work for everyone who has signed up. In that way it is best to choose early and stick with your time when possible.

What Happens?
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